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Feb 1 2015

More On Result Charts: Beyer Figures, Time, and Extended Comments

Continuing with the example from a prior article, “There’s Gold In Them Thar Result Charts,” we are going to review the additional information that can be gleaned from these detailed charts. Click here for a review of that article. We looked at a standard result chart and the “Next Race” version that shows you the very next race for all of the horses following the race chart being viewed. That allows you to see exactly how well each horse did after the race. But, how were they doing before, or leading up to the race being reviewed? For that, there is an option to view the “Beyer Figures” (Click here to learn about the fundamentals of Beyer Figures) for up to ten preceding races. The following result chart view was generated from the same July 19 race as in the prior article: Read More >>

Jan 26 2015

There’s Gold In Them Thar Result Charts

In a prior article we described the standard information available to a handicapper through result charts.  And, how these once coveted pieces of paper are now available to everyone at the click of a mouse.  Well, almost everyone.  If you are using the printed copy of the Daily Racing Form, a racing program at the track, or any service that simply prints out the Past Performances (PPs) for each horse in an upcoming race, then you probably don’t have access to the Result Charts.  Click here to read the prior article on the standard result charts available through DRF Formulator.  In this article (and another to follow) we will  describe the many great things above and beyond the standard result chart that are available though the Formulator software. Read More >>

Jan 13 2014

Panning for Gold

Panning for Gold

Panning for real gold can be a tedious task.  But, on the occasion that a precious nugget is left behind in the pan … oh what joy that can bring.  Sometimes when I’m handicapping, I think of myself as panning for gold.  A lot of sandy material gets washed over the side of the pan as I look through a horse’s Past Performances (PPs).  I think of sandy material as information that everyone else can plainly see.  For example, seeing that a horse has won lots of races, has the highest Beyer Speed figure of anyone in the field, or consistently runs well at the distance of today’s race.  Good information, but it will be used by everyone in deciding on which horse to bet on.  In other words it will be directly reflected in the odds of the horse.  No gold to be had there, only sand.


Jun 20 2013

Result Charts Complete The Story

Result charts are a complete account of what happened in a race.  As opposed to the Past Performances (PPs) for an individual horse, which reflect a subset of the result chart information; and is focused only on information specific to that horse.  Before the Internet, result charts were accessible only by clipping them out of the Daily Racing Form and saving them in your own well guarded file.  A collection of well organized result charts was considered gold by many handicappers.  However, today they are available with the click of a mouse. Read More >>