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Jun 14 2014

Playing Positive Trainer Stats

In a prior article I explained how specific tendencies of Trainers can be sought out using the Daily Racing Form online software (known as DRF Formulator).  When researching trainer statistics, I tend to separate them into “positive” trends (horse to bet on) and “negative” trends (horse to bet against).  I thought it would be interesting to go back and check out a few examples of positive trends that I used to my advantage in the past. Read More >>

Jul 19 2013

Saratoga – The Summer Place To Be, For Trainers


Saratoga is not only the “summer place to be” for racing fans, it’s also the place to be for racing’s best trainers.  According to an article on DRF.COM, 21 of the top 25 trainers in purse money have stalls at Saratoga this summer.  In addition to that, throughout the meet there is a steady influx of trainers less familiar, but equally interested in winning a race at the premier racing meet of the summer.

For the horseplayer this presents a good deal of uncertainty when it comes to handicapping races involving so many trainers in so many different situations.  For that reason I rely on DRF Trainer Statistics more during this meet than probably any other time of the year.  In particular I use the DRF Formulator software to breakdown statistics into much finer categories than the summary statistics at the bottom of each horse’s Past Performances (PPs).  And opening day at the 2013 Saratoga meet presented a good example of why this can be so important.