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Nov 28 2014

Pk3/4/5/6 Mathematics And The “MKS” Wagering Strategy

Pick-3 Ticket

The mathematics for computing the cost of Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, and even Pick-6 tickets is actually fairly simple. The more complicated task is determining which horses you are going to include on these tickets and in what dollar increment you are going to make your wagers.  Also, in the case of Pick-3 wagers, determining which sequence of three races is optimal for making a wager.  Most tracks offer “rolling” Pick-3 wagers, meaning that you can start a Pick-3 on any race, as long as there are two more races following that race.

However, Pick-4, Pick-5, and Pick-6 opportunities exist only on a specific sequence of races that is determined by the race track.  For example, many tracks offer an early Pick-4, a late Pick-4, and a single Pick-5 and/or Pick-6.  If there are ten races, the early Pick-4 might be on races 2 through 5, the late Pick-4 on races 7 through 10, and a Pick-6 on races 5 through 10.  You have to look at the program to determine exactly what wagers are available on each race.


Jun 12 2013

Lessons from a Pick-4 Score on Belmont Day 2013

In a prior article I introduced one of my horseplayer friends, Vince “the Volcano.”  I explained that Vince is predominantly a Pick-3 and Pick-4 player.  He prefers to focus on multiple contenders in successive races rather than single out individual horses for a Win bet.  He explains it like this:

“The benefit in these is my 3rd choice can win the first three legs and my 6th choice wins the last, and I win $2,000.  If I bet those four races solo, I lose all of them.  This works for me.”

On Belmont Stakes day Vince sent me a text message: “Do you think Point of Entry loses? Other three legs are awesome races.  I see a (3 x 7 x 1 x 6) Pick4 play in here.” Read More >>