Wagering 201

With the basic wagering options explained previously, we get into more complex wagers and wagering strategies here.

Part Wheel Wagers – Pyramid Style

Part Wheel wagers are explained, and a race scenario is described where one might be used. Also, the mathematics involved with calculating the number of combinations in a Triple part wheel wager (with one key horse) are provided.

Part Wheel Strategy And The Mathematics

We expand on the lessons from Part 1, explaining a race scenario that involved keying more than one horse in the Win position, along with the mathematics for a similar Superfecta Part Wheel wager.

Pick-3/Pick-4/Pick-5/Pick-6 Wagers

The mathematics for computing multi-race ticket costs are explained.  Also, a basic approach for constructing a series of tickets on a Pick-4 sequence is provided.

High and Low – A Superfecta Wagering Strategy

High and Low is a unique wagering approach for a specific situation, when combining two horses together in a Superfecta play.  The article provides a chart of the cost of making this play based on field sizes, and explains how you would make the wager.

Saver Tickets Can Save Your Day, Meet, or Year!

The definition of a “saver ticket” is provided, and a true story Saver ticket from Saratoga 2013 is provided as an example of how a saver ticket can save your day sometimes.

Sanity Bets Can Save A Horseplayer’s Mind

Sanity bets are completely different than Saver bets.  While Saver bets can save your day, Sanity bets can save your mind.  A few examples are provided.