Oct 2 2013

Get Started

New Feature

In response to requests from our readers, we are implementing some new features on our website designed to help visitors get started in an efficient manner.  First, we have added a “Get Started” button to the top of each page.  Under this button will be three series of topics grouped and arranged from simple to more complex.

  1. The “Welcome” button contains a series of articles explaining the intentions of our website and the approach we will be using to educate new fans.
  2. Racing 101 contains articles with information required for understanding the sport of thoroughbred horse racing, and will establish the building blocks to more advanced articles that will be found in Racing 201, Racing 301, etc.  New fans are encouraged to start with the lowest level, and work their way up.  While more experienced fans might want to try reading articles in higher levels.
  3. Wagering 101 describes some simple wagering options, such as Win/Place/Show.  Wagering 201 gets into more advanced wagering choices (e.g. Trifectas, Superfectas, and Pick-X) and wagering strategies.

In addition to the “Get Started” feature, we are also adding links at the bottom of some articles that will allow a visitor to immediately transfer to a subsequent article on a similar topic.  For example, at the bottom of the article “What’s A Furlong” a link was added to a follow-up article titled “Main Tracks.”  This article expands on what was learned in the first article by showing how furlongs translate onto actual racing surfaces.

This feature will enable visitors to continue reading articles on related topics. And a sample of how it will look follows:

To learn more about how furlongs translate into races on an actual track, click here to view an article on “Main Tracks.” Also, you can view a complete list of articles on the topic of distance by choosing the Distance Category in the right hand panel.

Collectively, we hope these new features will allow people of differing levels of ability to “Get Started” by jumping in at the level that suits them best.  And once there, easily navigate to more advanced topics that relate to the subject they just read.

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