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May 14 2013

Age and Sex

Foal All Legs

A Foal in Lexington, Ky.

Regardless of their actual birth date, all race horses turn 1-year old on January 1 of the year following their birth.  Prior to that they are referred to as a Foal, or a Weanling (a horse that has been weaned from its mother).  The horse’s mother is called a Dam, and their father is a Sire.

After they turn 1-year old, they are referred to as a Yearling for the next year.  Then they become a 2-year old (aka Juveniles), a 3-year old, etc.  on each subsequent January 1.

There are additional names added to a race horse based on Age and Sex.  Female horses less than 5 years old are called “Fillies.”  Females 5 years and older are called “Mares.”  Male horses less than 5 years old are called “Colts.”  Males five and older are simply referred to as a “Horse.”

Two exceptions to the male names occur.  The first is when a horse has been castrated.  Regardless of their age, they are then referred to as a “Gelding.”  The other exception is a male with an undescended testicle, who is referred to as a “Ridgling.”  Let’s return to Age specific matters.