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Jul 12 2013

Part Wheel Wagers – Pyramid Style

In a prior article we introduced the wager known as a Part-Wheel; and demonstrated how to use a Part-Wheel instead of Boxing horses in a Trifecta wager.  Click here for a review of that article.  Today we are going to expand on this type of wager, and provide some examples on how you might construct a bet using a Part Wheel Wager – Pyramid Style.

Let’s begin by explaining that a Part Wheel is a wager that is recognized by tellers at a race track.  You would say a Part Wheel wager to a teller like this:

$2 Trifecta, Part Wheel, 2 with {4,6} with {4,6}.  (This results in two Trifecta bets: 2,4,6 and 2,6,4)

This is a very simple example, but can be expanded to include much more sophisticated wagers. Read More >>

Jul 8 2013

Boxing Bets – Doesn’t Always Make Sense

In a prior article we introduced Exacta and Trifecta (Triple) wagers as a type of Intra-Race wager.  Click here for a review of that article. Today we’re going to expand on these two wagers and discuss a very common question relating to them.  Should I box my bets?  No doubt, if you’ve been to the track more than once, you’ve witnessed the circumstance where a newbie bets an Exacta of 4-2, only to have the result come in 2-4 … and then get hammered by his/her more experienced friends.

  • Why didn’t you box them?
  • You should have boxed them!
  • What were you thinking?

Well, after reading this article … you can tell your friends that you know a better way! Read More >>