Mission Statement

The chief aim of this website is to educate newcomers to the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing, from a fan’s perspective.  With that said, we have much to offer to the more experienced fan as well.  After learning the basics, we offer articles on handicapping tips, wagering strategies, and how to use the Daily Racing Form.

The founder and Blog author is Neal Benoit.  Neal has been an avid racing fan and handicapper for more than 35 years.  He has made presentations on the topic of horse racing for Saratoga Seminars, The Knowledge Network, NYS Hospitality & Tourism Association, and local libraries in the Albany-Saratoga region.

The website is organized in a Blog format with regular posts on topics such as:

  • The Basics (what you need to know, to sound like you are in the know)
  • Handicapping (what you need to know, to select horses by something other than your favorite color, birthday, or friend’s name)
  • Stories (old ones, funny ones, frustrating ones … all the stories that will explain why horse racing is more than a spectator sport)
  • Adventures (people, places, travels … all the extras that complete the horse racing experience)

Discussion through posts and comments will be greatly encouraged.  Whether you have questions on the material presented, opinions of your own, or you just want to add some of your own personal anecdotes … we can all learn together.

In addition to the traditional Blog format, we have organized educational materials under the “Get Started” tab. Educational materials previously posted in Blog articles have been grouped from basic to more complex.  This enables visitors of varying skill levels to jump in at a point that’s right for them.

Getting Out Of The Gate “cleanly” or “evenly” is the goal of every jockey in a horse race.  The aim is to give their horse the best chance to win the race by putting them in a good position early.  That is the same goal of this website; to put you in the best position to understand and enjoy this very exciting game.