Wagering 101

Basic Wagering terminology and examples are provided.

Win, Place, Show – How To Bet On Horses

Each bet is explained, along with an explanation of how to calculate the payout for Win wagers based on odds.

Win, Place, Show – How To Bet On Horses (Part 2)

Provides more details on the Place and Show bets, and how each are affected by other horses finishing in the Place/Show position.

Understanding Take Out (and Pari-mutuel Wagering)

Pari-mutuel Wagering is explained, including the significance of “Take-Out” from the wagering pools. Also, current take-out percentages from several major tracks is provided as of April 26, 2014.

Exotic Wagers: Intra-Race And Multi-Race

The two main categories of Exotic Wagers are defined. Intra-Race wagers involve predicting the order of finish within a single race. Multi-Race wagers predominantly involve predicting the winner of multiple races in succession.  Also, we provide a list of considerations in helping you decide which type of wager is best for you.

Boxing Bets – Doesn’t Always Make Sense

Boxing Intra-Race wagers is explained, and contrasted to an alternative called Part-Wheel wagers.  A basic Part-Wheel wager is explained.

Sandwich Plays – A Trifecta Wagering Strategy

Sandwich Plays are an affordable backup wager to a 2-horse Exacta box, that offer a reward for the “close-but-no-cigar” result, when your top two horses run 1st and 3rd.