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I remember being 14 years old (27 years ago) living in Jamaica Queens. I lived very close to an OTB and within 10 miles of Aqueduct. As a young teen I used to see men in the OTB all of the time and my brother and I would wander in to check out the excitement. A few times I picked up a Racing Form that was laying around in the OTB and had no idea how to understand what I was looking at. At that time I never pursued it. I was overwhelmed by the form and I was really into baseball so that came first. Fast forward to October 2013. I was at my son’s high school baseball game and I found a form on top of a trash can. So needless to say I grabbed the form and read the articles and tried to understand the past performances (no luck). When I came home (with my interest piqued again) I said I will learn this. Here is where you come in: I am a very determined person, I found getting out of the gate through a google search. Neal I have to say I equate gettingoutofthegate.com to be like getting a full ride scholarship. I started at Racing 101. Its hard to believe that you have taken the time to GIVE this to us (to me). Through your work not only have I become a pretty good handicapper but found the LOVE for this sport. It is now something I share with my wife and my 15yr old son. I can NEVER thank you enough for the work you put into this website. I hope I can pay it forward one day. – Tawan Kinloch


Not only do I enjoy your Blog postings, I also was truly entertained by your appearance on Colonie TV. I appreciate the way in which you describe the thoroughbred racing scene. Your website is a fantastic option for neophytes and experienced horseplayers. – S.M.


Very interesting and informative post, especially as a fairly new fan of horse racing. People tell me tracks are different but none have been able to explain it well. Your post has been most helpful and clear. Thank you! – Duey



Neal…As usual good comments. By the way, your research on derby trends of past winners in relation to the length of stretches at various tracks, helped me to nail the derby exacta, using commanding curve, who already won over track, with same jock, and also fit your example. I used him and a few other closers with California chrome, who I also bet to win. Keep your wonderful insight and research coming, I LOVE IT!!!…Thank you – Tony



Wow! That is news that make sense. Considering the horses which were in the money. Gives me something to do, besides read a bunch of guesses.  Thank you. Glad I found your site. – Sunny McCleave



As always, Neal, you present well-taken, thought-provoking and positive ideas. I especially like your suggestion that more needs to be done in the way of post-race analysis than turning the page to the next race. As you suggest, much of the learning in other sports occurs during replays and interviews that reflect on the just-passed event. As an owner, I get that kind of education from the trainer and the jockey immediately following the race but for the fan there is no real insight about what just happened. Way to go Neal. Keep us thinking! – Dan Donoghue



Thank You for this enlightening story.  I had no idea where she (Michelle Nihei) came from or who she learned her craft from. Players are left in the dark and tracks do little to inform us of anything to do with the new people involved with horses. – Joe Beauregard



Very entertaining stuff!!! Write a book, u will have at least one copy sold. – Killer



Wonderful interview. I love Dylan’s detailed answers. They really give me a sense of what it must be like to be an apprentice. I hope his career continues to go well, and we see him in the Kentucky Derby someday! – Lisa



Great interview with a trainer who has a reputation for sometimes being a bit bombastic with the media. I’m not sure I’ve read such an in-depth piece on Clement, a trainer who seems to do his best work of the year at Gulfstream. – Jim Mazur



Dear Mr. Benoit, for the first time I just read some of your blog pieces. It was thoroughly enjoyable to read something new, informative and especially well-written. It must take you countless hours to not only pen such interesting content but also format the material for such easy use. I have moved your site to the top of my daily reading list and look forward to learning and staying informed as to your perspectives. Thank you very much for this amazing contribution to the sport. – Dan Donoghue (Signal Hill Farms).



One of the best articles on horse racing I’ve ever read! I am one of the majority who dreams of the “big horse”. All my life I’ve had modest claimers and some of them were extremely consistent. Even the cheap horses can provide a thrill! One of my greatest thrills was leading a horse into the winner’s circle as owner/trainer & breeder. I had raised him, done all of his training, galloped & shod him. Even if I never get my stakes winner, I still love the sport, the people involved in it and especially the horses. – Sharon Soileau



Dear Mr. Benoit. Simply stated brilliant. I came to this country from South America 43 years ago, and had the fortune to go to New York “Belmont Park ” and hot for no other than Lucien Laurin when Secretariat was 2years old then he ask if I wanted to go to Florida with his son Roger to make story short he had Number account who was name champion filly so for a short period I had the amazing fortune to work along the two best of that year. Here I’m 43 years later taking care of my 4 yol filly 4,000 claimer and still hoping some day to getting Secretariat or Number Account. – Harold Alverez



Today I happened to see your website, and this discovery was a real treat for me. I live in Russia and created a similar site with the same mission for my countrymen. This article helped me to write an article on the classification of races in America. Thank you very much for creating such a site. You make a very useful thing and I am absolutely sure that your website will help draw attention to the thoroughbred races of many people who knew nothing about them. – Helen



One of the best “track” interviews I’ve read and I’ve been reading since the 1980s. Thank you so much for posting it! Ms. Wolfendale has many more listeners now thanks to you! – Pam B.



Hey Neal, I used to go to the races and just bet on the Grey horse. But, after attending one of your seminars a couple of years ago, I’m a lot more comfortable now at the racetrack. Your teaching style was fun and was truly based on your experience. I look forward to learning more thru your website. – Ed



Wow. Very personal and heartfelt comments by Tom. Thanks for being so open about your emotions and what you all go through back there. Kind of makes me want to have you train a horse for me someday. – Manny



I love learning from you. Thanks. – Al

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  • I love your website. You are good writer and pick interesting topics that are seldom seen elsewhere.
  • Love the how-to articles. I think I’ve read your entire site. Appreciate all the good advice.
  • This website offers a wealth of knowledge. This is a sport where one learns daily; so many variables.
  • I think you are doing one excellent job with your output, particularly the wagering sector.
  • Great website…enjoy it all. Keep up the great work.
  • Love your detail explanations using PPs.
  • Keep up the good work. Especially like the handicapping articles. With so many wagering possibilities would like more insight about which situations to make certain wagers and when not to.
  • Keep up the good work and thanks for enjoyable content!!!

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