Get Started

Getting Started was created based on the Feedback from new visitors to our site. Rather than having to search through past Blog posts, we have organized educational materials into convenient groupings and links for ease of browsing and selection.

At the top of the list are a series of Introduction articles that describe our intentions for creating this website, and our approach to inviting, educating, and entertaining new fans in the sport of horse racing.

Beneath the Introduction series are a series of Racing articles grouped by level of difficulty.  Racing 101 defines the basic building blocks required for understanding the sport.  Racing 201 expands on several of the 101 topics for a more detailed understanding.  Racing 301 expands on the core topics of distance, form, class, and pace.  Racing 401 gets into a variety of more advance topics.

Following the Racing series of articles in the Get Started block are the Wagering 101 and Wagering 201.  Wagering 101 covers basic topics, while Wagering 201 gets into more complex wagering strategies.