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May 16 2013

Maiden Class Fundamentals

Horses that are Maidens have one thing in common.  They have NEVER won a race.  They might have tried 2 times, 22 times, or are making their first try today.  In the latter case, they are referred to as First-Time-Starters (FTS) – and they deserve special consideration because there are no running lines for past races in their Past Performances (PPs).  I have known many horseplayers over the years that prefer to take a pass on Maiden races and avoid Maiden races loaded with FTS like the plague.  My son Michael doesn’t even print out the PPs for races with mostly FTS, thereby avoiding all temptation when he is at the racetrack.  For him, these races represent “Beer Break.”  Since so many horseplayers decide to avoid these races, I consider them as an opportunity to find good betting situations.


May 10 2013

Class Matters – From Top To Bottom

In this article we open up one of the most interesting topics in handicapping horse racing.  The topic of “Class.”  Class is considered by some handicappers to be THE most important factor when evaluating a race.  I have known Class players that will utilize Class almost exclusively when handicapping a race.  Others consider class less important, positing that a horse doesn’t know what “Class” he is supposed to be.  I think the majority of handicappers are somewhere in-between.  At least that’s where I am. Read More >>