Mar 6 2014

Mobile Friendly Access


Getting Out of the Gate Home Page – On an Android Phone

In November we announced that the popular phone and tablet App Horse Races NOW added us to the iPhone and iPad versions of their program.  Since that time, they have also added us to the Android version of their App. This addition now provides a “mobile friendly” version of our website to all of our followers on all mobile devices.

This is especially important now that we have attracted many new readers accessing our website on mobile devices.  Also, for the Horse Races NOW subscribers, our articles are presently being featured in their daily e-mail of racing stories.  If you see an article of interest in your e-mail, and you are on a mobile device, you can view it using the methods described in this article.

In addition to the new HRN visitors, we have also been receiving inquiries from other readers on how to view our articles using their mobile devices.  The short answer is this … first, download and install the Horse Races NOW App on your phone or tablet.  Then, look at the steps below to see how our content is displayed inside of their App.

HRN Main Menu

Horse Races Now Main Menu

The screen to the side is the Main Menu that appears when you launch the Horse Races NOW Application.  To get to the mobile friendly version of our website, first click on the Channels button on the left.

A special note for Android users: If the Channels button does not show up, then you have an older version of the App.  Download and install the latest update and it will appear.

For more information on the Horse Races NOW App, including how to download it to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device visit the website


Horse Races Now Channels Listing

Horse Races Now Channels Listing

Scroll down the list of various Channels offered, until you find the button with our “Getting Out Of The Gate” Logo.


Getting Out Of The Gate Main Menu

Getting Out Of The Gate Main Menu

Now you will see a specially customized menu for accessing the main features of our website.

The Welcome button takes you to our Home Page.

Get Started takes you to our series of articles that are organized by level of difficulty.  For example, Racing 101, Racing 201, Wagering 101, etc.

The Blog button shows you a list of our recent articles, from newest to oldest.  If you’re looking for an article featured in the HRN daily e-mail listing, you should find it here.

And finally, the Categories button will take you to another menu with past articles organized in groups such as Handicapping, People, Travels, etc.


HRN Blog Listing

Blog Article List

This screen shot shows a sample of the Blog Listing screen that will appear when you press the “Blog” button on the previous screen.  Right away you will notice that the article summaries are neatly formatted in a mobile friendly way.

The most recent 10 articles are shown on the list.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the list there is a “More Posts” button that will allow you to request articles even further back.


HRN Blog Article Example

Blog Article Example

This screen shot shows a sample of a Blog article and how it is nicely formatted to the size of a mobile device.

On the bottom right side of the screen you can see a little brown “Up” icon.  This button allows you to navigate up to the top of the screen, where there are buttons to allow you to navigate back to a prior screen, or all the way out to the main menu.

To access our popular “Meet The People” series, select the Categories button on our Main Menu, then select the “People” button.  From there you can read a brief introduction for each of the people we have featured … including Racetrack Announcers, Paddock Analyst, Trainers, Jockeys, etc.  Touch their name and you will see a full article on that person, formatted in a mobile friendly way.

Horse Races NOW Logo

We are pleased that the management at Horse Races NOW has found our website of value to their subscribers and readers.  The integration of our content into their App helps mobile viewers get a similar experience to those accessing our website through a traditional browser.  And, in addition to our website, the Horse Races NOW App offers many features for both the casual and avid horse racing fan.  You can visit their website by clicking their Logo to the side, or click here to read a past article where we summarized some of their offerings.

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By Neal Benoit

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  1. I have had the Horse Races Now app a long time. Your part of it is a pleasure and very informative. Thanks.
    I have been reading your articles for almost two years ..

    Jim Everett on

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