Feb 25 2018

Left At The Starting Gate

Ok, so that didn’t go exactly as planned.  If I were a racehorse, I think I’d have been declared a non-starter!  My intention a few months ago was to make a return off a long layoff.  What I didn’t know at the time was my biggest obstacle to recovery was lurking around the next corner.  In later September I went into a tailspin that nearly resulted in a crash landing.  It wasn’t until December that I was able to pull out of my dive and right the plane.

So once again I push myself up from the ground, spit out the dirt, and try again.  However, this time I’ve decided to hold off on horse racing and focus on my mental and physical recovery.  On the physical side, I’ve made tremendous strides in the past two months and for the first time in a very long time I’m able to walk, exercise, and rebuild my strength.  It’s a slow process since so many muscles and joints were inactive for a very long time, but progress is being made.

On the mental side, let’s just say that I’ve had to draw on every bit of courage I could muster to survive this ordeal.  But with the undying support of family, friends, and some special caregivers, I’m finally hopeful that I will survive this ordeal.

And, on the subject of courage, I have created a new website (www.daringways.com) called Daring Ways (Living with Courage).  The content of this website will be based on a lifetime of experience with an emphasis on personal anecdotes and messages that I hope will inspire readers to adopt a daring lifestyle of their own.  It is here that I will devote my attention in the upcoming months while continuing my recovery.  If all goes well, then I hope to resume authoring material on this website later this year.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit the new website and subscribe to my blog via e-mail.  There are a couple of essays already posted for your reading pleasure.


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Neal Benoit

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  1. Glad to know you’re on the mend, appreciate the update, really miss your always significant contributions in pursuit of equestrian excellence. Believe the prescription for people is people and horses, all the very best towards a speedy recovery, Very Respectfully, G

    Gareth D Noren on

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